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The Time of Illumination is Upon Us!

The Age of Superstition and Darkness is over. The coming Age of Illumination is no longer coming; it has come. The wizards and the artificers have harnessed the ancient magics and taught us that they are neither random nor unpredictable. No, magic is a force, a force which can be studied and controlled, and, through careful and concerted effort, the magic which once ran rampant through our world can be brought to heel and made to serve us!

This is the New Power!

Through the work of our artificers and wizards, the magic with once was only in the hands of the gifted can now be commanded by anyone!
The New Power

This is our History!

We have recorded, in as simple a chronology as possible, the history of our world.
The History

This is our Landscape!

Here can be found a record of the nations of the world, and a detailed account of each.
The Nations

Main Page

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